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About Us

About Us

We don’t just sell real estate… we build relationships.

We are here to serve you and strive to exceed your expectations! The JD Real Estate 757 team are exceptional real estate agents because they understand that real estate is a relationship business.
JD Real Estate 757

Our Story

Originally from the Philippines, Jay Dural moved to the United States in 2016. He then joined the US Navy in 2017 and became a Hospital Corpsman. He first got involved in real estate after buying their family’s very first property – a townhouse located in Virginia Beach, VA which they keep as an investment property until today. Even after Jay’s purchase of the said property, him and his wife Charmies shared the hobby of touring houses. Eventually, this hobby became a passion.


Jay then got his real estate license while still serving in the military and his passion of touring houses for sale developed into a passion of helping others too, especially the military service members and veterans to make their homeownership dreams come true. He was able to build his network, his niche or market which helped him to close around $10M worth of real estate transactions in volume for his first year. Then doubled it to around $20M in volume in his second year. Closing more than 100 transactions in total for his first two years by himself – to make sure he is still able to provide reliable and quality real estate services, Jay started JD Real Estate 757 early this year (2022).


What makes JD Real Estate 757 such an exceptional team is the fact that they acknowledge that real estate is a relationship business. Which is why the team carries the motto: “We don’t just sell real estate… we build relationships.”


“It is very rewarding when you get to help others with their most precious or maybe the most expensive investment in their life – either when they buy or sell their real estate property,” Jay explains. “Also, building a relationship or friendship along the way is indeed a great bonus!” Jay added.


Their goal is to continue to exceed your expectations and to make other dream’s come true in all their real estate needs, which is why the passion, hardwork and dedication of the team, help build relationships between them and their clients which make them proud of being a 100% referral based real estate team in the Hampton Roads area.

JD Real Estate 757

Our Team

I know how it feels not having your own house when you know you can get one specially if you already have your own family or for other reasons like you want to get into real estate investing. This is why our team is here to help!


I started doing real estate when I was still in the Navy. When I learned that I could buy a house for my family with no downpayment using my VA Loan, I didn’t think twice and took advantage of it. That’s how I learn this business. I manage to grow and maintain this business by making sure that I provide good & quality industry standard and great customer service, making sure that I am not just selling real estate but building good relationships as well with the people I work with. I just don’t stop there though, I always make sure too, that I am always focused on becoming a better resource for our buyers and sellers.

I am a father of two, Matheus and Charmel – aside from being a Realtor®, this also is my proudest

Looking for a reliable Realtor® who really listens to you with all your real estate needs, either buying, selling or investing?


I am Jiacheng, an expert Realtor® with JD Real Estate 757 serving Hampton Roads area. The most important thing to me is to make sure that I am treating each of my client’s transaction as my own, thinking from their perspective, and helping them buy, sell or invest just like how I would do for myself.

I am fluent in both English and Chinese.

I have been living in Virginia Beach for 22 years. Originally from Pampanga, Philippines. I speak fluent in Tagalog and Kapampangan. Work as a nurse for about 12 years now. Married with two daughters.


I have always been passionate about houses and real estate. I enjoyed attending Hampton Roads Homearamas in the past.


Joined JD Real Estate 757 with Swell Real Estate Co in April 2022. I have been inspired and got motivated by the compassion I’ve seen with Jay Dural toward his clients and I would like to deliver the same service, give them the joy, satisfaction and beyond to the homebuyers, sellers and investors. Seeing former clients’ feedbacks and their experiences with JD Real Estate 757 gave me the comfort knowing that I am in good hands to have the support in helping deliver the world class service to these clients.


Since joining the team, I have worked with clients and closed transactions and the feeling I’ve felt when they get their new home keys is beyond immeasurable. The joy in their faces just tells me, we have fulfilled dreams and helped them become reality.